AT&T Real Stories: Whittaker Beef

Whittaker Beef raises cattle on a family farm, established 1949, and sells beef through a storefront, established 2015 after gutting a carwash.

Documentary Video By Zach Green






The Whittaker family has been raising cattle for close almost two centuries. The land that Whittaker Farm resides on was purchased in 1882 and has been in the family ever since. However, it wasn’t until 1949 that Whittaker Farm was born.

In 1949 Ed Whittaker and his wife, Lois Childress Whittaker, purchased the land from Lois’s parents F. Burke and Nellie Stoltz Childress. After the purchase of land, Ed began building the foundation that Whittaker Farm stands on today. It is Ed and Lois’s daughter, Jo Gardner, and their grandson, J.B. Brenton, which continue to own and operate Whittaker Farm. For more than 20 years Jo and J.B. have been expanding Whittaker Farm and about 12 years ago decided to start selling their farm-raised beef to the community.

In those twelve years of selling beef, the family has gained a loyal customer base. Whittaker Farm works to ensure that its high quality, antibiotic/hormone free beef be a value to customers. In the Fall of 2014, Whittaker Farm purchased the old carwash on Lexington Avenue in order to create a store front that would be more convenient for customers. Since then, the carwash has been renovated to ensure accommodation for all past and future customers.